1Ordering Information:

You are welcome to order any time (24 hours a day 7 days a week) by submitting an order request via e-mail to customerservice@mwhresources.com. You will receive a response to your inquiry within 24 hours. If the product that you requested is not in stock, we will provide a time frame for meeting your needs.


Shipping rates vary depending on the quantity of the order. Small orders will be shipped via UPS. We can add the shipping charges to your invoice or use your UPS account. Larger orders will be shipped using the most economical LTL or FTL carrier. We will be more than happy to set up shipping using our preferred carriers (adding the shipping cost to the invoice) or using the carrier of your choice. If we do not set up the shipment, we will provide any information you need in order to ensure you receive the best rate possible.


Net 30 terms are available for our established business accounts. Feel free to let us know if you believe you qualify for a terms account. We would be more than happy to set it up for you. We do not accept credit cards but payment can be made in the following ways: money order, company check or wire transfer. Your preferred payment method can be discussed prior to order finalization.


Prior to the finalization of any sale, a sample will be sent for testing purposes. We require our customers to perform any necessary testing prior to the order being processed. Midwestern Herbal Resources offers wildcrafted, non-tested, bulk natural products requiring testing and further processing. If testing related issues arise after the order has been shipped, we will not honor requests for returns or refunds.

5Return Policy:

If you receive an order and feel that there is any type of discrepancy, please contact us immediately. We will accept returns for any reason as long as the request has been made within 60 days of the invoice date (after 60 days we will not honor the return). However, we do ask that you let us know the reason for the return so we can fix the issue and avoid problems in the future. The refund will be issued based on the amount of unused product returned to our facility. We will not honor returns or issue refunds if the issue is based on testing. As stated, all samples must be tested by the customer prior to the order being processed.

6Quality Control:

Sourcing: We only source our materials from trusted sources. Our collectors (AKA wildcrafters) are skilled in the art of identifying, collecting, cleaning and handling natural products. The dealers in our network also work with skilled collectors to source only the highest quality materials. Due to our extensive network of collectors, dealers and brokers, if you have a need for a quality natural product, chances are we can source it for you. Every natural product we source is ethically wildharvested by skilled wildcrafters or naturally cultivated (no chemicals).

Handling: We take pride in our quality products and in the way we handle them. Each product, upon arrival to our facility, is reviewed and labeled. The label identifies the material to ensure that there are no cross contamination issues, assigns a lot number to identify the source of the material and assign a freshness date. The warehouse adheres to strict GMP guidelines in order to ensure quality. Cleaning schedules, pest control policies, humidity monitoring and lighting conditions have been implemented into our everyday routine.

Treatment: Midwestern Herbal Resources does not treat our ethically harvested wildcrafted or cultivated materials in any way. We believe that natural resources should remain natural or the integrity of the material will be compromised.