Collection dates for roots, herbs, leaves and barks:

In order to ensure quality and sustainability we only harvest our products during the appropriate seasons.

  • Barks: We begin collecting our bark inventory in April and will continue through October. However, the collection period for certain barks will run from March and will typically end in early June.
  • Roots: The majority of the root collection will take place between April and November. However, there are several roots that can be collected throughout the winter months.
  • Leaves: The collection period for the various leaves we purchase typically begins in late May and will continue until the leaves begin to lose their natural color. Many times, the leaf collection can continue well into October.
  • Herbs: Much like leaves, we begin purchasing herbs around the end of May. We will continue to purchase herbs until they begin to lose their natural color. The weather plays a major role in determining the end of our purchasing season. However, by late October, the herbs have typically lost their color.