We are the connection between the wildcrafter and the Natural Products Industry (including the food, herbal tea, flavoring, nutraceutical, extract and cosmetic industries). Through our sourcing practices, we strive to maintain the integrity of each root, herb, bark or leaf we handle, throughout the entire supply chain (from the ground to final product).

Our quality standards begin with our wildcrafters who are trained in identifying, sustainably harvesting, transporting and cleaning the natural products our business depends on. Our Natural Products are then packaged or processed in compliance with our customers and industries high standards.

If you are in need of a supplier of Natural Products, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to not only earn your business, but keep it!



Message from our President

I have been directly involved in the Natural Products industry since 1999. I started working a summer production job where I was able to learn not only how to process the Natural Products, but also how to identify them. During my college years, I was fortunate enough to intern with a bulk supplier and learn the ins and outs of the Natural Product industry (if one ever really learns the ins and outs in this industry). After Graduate school, I was offered a position, with the same bulk supplier, as the Director of Sales and Business Development. I also helped write the GMPs in order to comply with the implementation of the new CFRs at that time. In 2010, I started Midwestern Herbal Resources and fulfilled my lifelong dream of owning my own business.

It is my commitment to our customers to offer and supply the highest quality Natural Products available.

In order to surpass our customers’ expectations, I have built a network of highly skilled wildcrafters and fellow buyers in the Natural Products industry to ensure we only source materials of the highest quality. The integrity and high quality of our products directly reflect our direct purchasing approach. We know exactly where all of our products come from and how they have been handled.

It is not only my intention to earn your business but also to keep it. We will always go above and beyond to keep our customers satisfied. If you have an issue of any kind, please feel free to contact me directly (kraddatz@mwhresources.com) and we will find a resolution as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your support!

Kyle Raddatz